# About

Hi, I am Rijul and I work as a web programmer (primarily as a backend developer).

I have been interested in technology since I was 15 years old. From hacking PSP (Playstation Portable) to getting access to neighbours WiFi (aircrack-ng); from building Android games (with really poor graphics :P) to controlling room lights with a mobile app (IoT project - NodeMCU, Micropython, Java) the journey has been interesting and fun.

Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Computer Networking and Electronics are few of my areas of interests. Along with technology, I find psychology very interesting. Also I enjoy reading, gaming and running.

You can find me on Twitter|Discord|Telegram, on GitHub and of course Email. Here is my PGP key.

# Code

I write server applications/system code/CLI apps in Golang, Rust, NodeJs; UX applications in ReactJs/NextJs, Typescript; Blockchain smart-contracts (programs) in Rust (NEAR Protocol, Solana); Utility scripts in python, shell.

Projects build by me

# Blogs

I write about projects I work on, and anything related to technology and/or psychology.

# Recent Posts